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      Home > Products >>Sensors >> Safety Light Curtain >> Safety light curtain TA-NA10

      Product Detail

      Safety light curtain TA-NA10

                TG-NA10                 TG-NA20                  TG-NA30                    TG-NA40
      Number of light beam
              8/16....../80           4/8/16......80           4/6/8/10......80           4/6/8/10......80
      Distance between light beam
                 10mm                      20mm                     30mm                        40mm
      Protection height
      Distance*(light beam-1)
      Detect distance
               0-1.2mm                  0.5-5mm                  0.5-5mm                    0.5-5mm
      Min detecting object
                 15mm                      25mm                     35mm                        45mm
      Power supply
      12-24V DC
      Power consumption
      Response time
      Votlage(Not commend)
      Synchronization method
      Light synchronization, close to the first beam of the source line
      Safety level
      Conforms to the fourth level of safety standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC61496-1/2
      Two line NPN or two line PNP independent output
      Output current
      Short circuit protection
      Indicator of emitter
      Alarm:Power on self-check, found that the output loop is disconnected, the green light ?ashing
      Indicator of receiver

      Power: When the power is on, the red indicator lights up.

      Output: When the output is turned on, the yellow indicator light is on.
      Alarm/synchronization indication: When the power-on self-test is performed, it is found that the output loop is
      disconnected and the green light is blinking.

      IP code
      Housing: Aluminum alloy End cap: ABS plastic; Bracket cold rolled steel
      Ambient Temp
      -10℃~50℃(No condensation,No icing)
      Ambient Humidity
      Ambient illuminance
      Sunshine:30000Lux Incandescent lamp:3000Lux
      Environment vibration
      Acceleration 300m/s,Two hours in each of the X,Y, and Z directions
      Environment compact
      Frequency:10-55Hz Amplitude:0.75mm ,Two hours in each of the X,Y, and Z directions

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