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      Home > Products >>Sensors >> Pipeline Liquid Sensor >> Pipeline level sensor GU-G613

      Product Detail

      Pipeline level sensor GU-G613

      Mode GU-G613N                                         GU-G613P
      Action mode
      ON in shading light ON in entering light
      Detecting objects
      Liquid in the catheter (such as high viscosity or suspended solids, may not be detected)
      Action indicator
      Red status indicator; green output indicator
      Connection method
      Wire lead (standard wire length 2m)
      DC12~24V±10% ripple (P-P) 5% or less
      Current consumption
      The average value is below 30 mA and the maximum value is below 80 mA
      Suitable catheter
      Transparent catheter with outer diameter Φ6~13mm (thickness 1mm)
      Light source
      GaAs infrared light-emitting diode (940nm)
      Ambient illumination
      Incandescent lamp - sunlight: each below 3000Lux
      Ambient temperature
      When working: -10~+55°C When saving: -25~+65°C (No icing,No condensation)
      Ambient humidity
      Working: 5~85%RH Saving: 5~95% (No icing,No condensation)
      Environment vibration
      10~500Hz single amplitude 1.0mm
      Environment compact
      500m/s2 X, Y, Z 3 times in each direction
      Protective structure
      IEC specification Ip50
      Control output
      Load power supply voltage DC12~24V, load current below 100mA
      Shutdown power supply below 0.5mA, residual voltage below 0.8V
      Residual voltage is below 0.4V (when load current is 40mA)
      Output Type
      NPN open collector output type    PNP open collector output type
      Housing material

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